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RAN Power Uganda Limited we shall be able to produce power in places were there is very little or
The solution involves theory and practical parts.the theory will entail teachings on financial di
This project seeks to earnest the use of the abundance solar energy to power Ultra Violet water t
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The project addresses the entire faecal sludge management chain.
Majority of rural communities in Uganda do not have access to electricity, and thus use inefficie
Majority of rural communities in Uganda do not have access to electricity, and thus use inefficie
SoLight provides the first steps for Ugandans climbing the energy ladder.
EFP Energy Solutions sets up portable phone charging micro businesses to charge phones, sell air
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In east Africa and more specifically Uganda wood and wood derived charcoal is the most commonly u
Less than 5% of rural households in Uganda have access to electricity.
In June 2013, I found out that most trees in my community and other areas had been cut down for c
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Our first project were the Shades that were constructed with information on breast feeding, preve
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Solar Sister empowers women with economic opportunity and access to technology.
Empowering patients in resource-poor settings requires partnership with healthcare workers who ar
CUEWB is working to radically impact the quality of life in Soroti, Uganda through the installati
Purchasing fuel efficient clay stoves for use and training among women will provide a huge benefi
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Gasifier stoves start within 3 minutes and cook faster than traditional wood stoves, are 90% smok
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We first built Shades with information on breast feeding.