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KadAfrica builds resilient farming communities centered around the empowerment of young women.
Light Fridge project increases the shelf life of fresh Produce in a cost effective way using gree
RAN Power Uganda Limited we shall be able to produce power in places were there is very little or
Go Green Global is a campaign initiated by AFOGWAD to help eradicate the climate change ignorance
Rice Production is heavily labour intensive, time consuming and expensive.
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Building a cooperative business through setting up of bulking centers in areas of potentially hig
This project seeks to earnest the use of the abundance solar energy to power Ultra Violet water t
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The project addresses the entire faecal sludge management chain.
Majority of rural communities in Uganda do not have access to electricity, and thus use inefficie
For a rural youth with no hope, “WETAASE” exists to empower him/her economically while ensuring t
NO-TOKOSA is a super nutritious and ready to eat food product that will nourish the children and
Majority of rural communities in Uganda do not have access to electricity, and thus use inefficie
SoLight provides the first steps for Ugandans climbing the energy ladder.
EFP Energy Solutions sets up portable phone charging micro businesses to charge phones, sell air
Together Farm Enterprises is a new farming model that enables local subsistence farmers to work t
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This is a social enterprise that works with unemployed youth to produce and market environmental
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Chaptask is an online market place that allows users to outsource micro jobs, tasks and err
We offer youth with creative ICT designing, multimedia, enterprise development, life skills capac
Tugende helps motorcycle taxi drivers own their own motorcycles in eighteen months or less instea