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EcoBrick are our vehicles to address multiple social challenges.
Thanda is a non-profit organisation that empowers communities to break the cycle of generational
initiative that Recognizes and Promote Brands, Services, Products, events, Campaigns, Entrepreneu
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The betterment of Africa will only be achieved through millions of grassroots initiatives genuine
Learners can be teachers!
The Speaking Book provides an innovative, effective and far-reaching solution to the issue of pat
Sonidos de la Tierra teaches youth to make music together and thus how to listen, work together &
South African society is a segregated and violent resulting directly from the historical aparheid
In South Africa, 15000 road fatalities occur of which 40% consist of child pedestrians.
Celebrate life is a merging of all Amy Biehl Foundation programmes, showcasing sport, music, gree
To use e’Pap nutritional food supplements to transform malnourished children winners playing socc
The Deloitte Street Child World Cup - winning the rights street children need through the game th
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South Africa still has one of the highest maternal, child and infant morbidity and mortality.
A therapeutic group intervention for the treatment of postnatal depression in women living in low
The idea is to have monthly information workshops for pregnant women and those thinking of having
Having received e PAP and started to feed Masisi Gumbe who weighed 28kg and was lying on death be
South Africa has passed legislation that requires fortification of staple foods.
There is a strong parallel that applies to countries which have been occupied or colonized.