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Design for Change is a powerful yet simple idea where children use a Design Thinking Formula of F
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Gender-based violence against women is both a human rights as well as a public health concern, as
Feeding underprivileged government schoolchildren a hygienically prepared, fortified and tasty mi
COunseling, purpose to reduce crime rates, suicides and promote healthy MIND.
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We need to take initiative to help every underprivileged child in bringing out their creative sid
Focus: It is for promoting Biological Sciences research.Also, involved in Recognizing, Addressi
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A complete solution for the blood shortage in India.
We are loosing Biodiversity at a very high rate.
Imagine a time where the different individual aspirations are encouraged and complemented by the
No Food Waste is an edible food Recovery Project which serves the surplus excess foods to the hun
Hunger can be eliminated in our lifetimes.
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FM trains women to market, sell, and service renewable energy products in rural Rajasthan.
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Binapani, goddess of learning-knowledge, Tailors is basically a project for making male shirts an
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Focusing on preventive health, sanitation and hygiene, the “Area Health Minders” are changing the
Hunger can be eliminated in our lifetimes.
Mamaby helps women in Indian slums deliver healthy and well nourished babies.
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We have developed world’s low cost water purifier, where a unit costs ~60RS (<1$) removes 99.9
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Through holistic approach creating sustainable livelihood for 85000 underprivileged rural women a
Feed India is a commitment to join forces to alleviate hunger and malnutrition through a nationwi
If a student study a subject during his/her college years which industries require these days, th