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College Catts Pressoir is transforming the education system in Haiti by introducing a focus on in
A Fighting Chance is a project of Anacaona Dessalines Boxing Institute (ADBI).
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Streethearts is a change agent for street children, helping to redirect the course of their lives
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Clean water in Haiti simply costs too much.
Sydney Padua's delight-filled comic is one of the best comics on computing and mathematics.
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Our experience in Haiti in humanitarian development projects, previous experience in other organi
Haiti Ventures is a venture capital firm that partners with mid-market entrepreneurs, which are n
Haiti Ventures is a social venture capital firm that partners with mid-market entrepreneurs, whic
Healing Hearts 4 Haiti bridges cultures. U.S.
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The Global Team provides youth the chance to learn, play and lead through integrating soccer and
World Cares Center trains communities to enact their own disaster response plans, thus ensuring r
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Ecological and creative development innovations for the DR and Haiti that are chosen and introduc
Gonaives Christian Centre: Providing hope,education,economic development ,and social responsibili
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La Idea consiste en construir e insertar a nivel de micro escala, infraestructuras,
Taking football – a game everyone likes – and using it as a tool for social development and empow
The Project explores the possibility of using virtual worlds to facilitate interaction between ge
OJAS’s objective is to improve the population’s life conditions, which includes finding an ideal