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People running home.
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Fairfactia is a full service partner for European textile retailers.
FairBuy provides an app to donate 50 cts per fashion item (representing the additional costs for
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"Professor S." is a new and innovative learning game.
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Papilio is a program for kindergartens for the early prevention of the development of addiction a
We connect children in more than 100 countries for media, education and exchange projects: All ag
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Papilio is a program to promote social-emotional competence.
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Using technology that mimics nature, we can build “Natural Swimming Pools” (NSPs) as an alternati
In our workshop, teenagers get the opportunity to learn practical, goal-oriented methods and comp
We are helping frustrated teenagers to discover themselves and their passion in life.
discovering hands® uses the extraordinary tactile capabilities of blind and visually impaired peo
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In Germany 340.000 young people are unemployed after having left public school, even so there is
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Across Europe, freelancers are getting organized.
Early demonstration of perspectives to keep employees in the final work phase motivate and health