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The project is titled the "Assessment of the Water Situation and the Safety of Waste water a
Fishy Folk teaches skin diving through guided trips to the ocean.
The project will provide less fortunate children with shelter where they can have a safe environm
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Construindo uma cadeia be valores com bases comunitárias para redes de pesca de nylon descartadas
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Construir una cadena de valor comunitaria para las redes de pescar de nylon descartadas, que logr
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Construire une chaîne de valeur basée sur la communauté, pour les filets de pêche en nylon abando
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Building a community-based value chain for discarded nylon fishing nets which will:
Guardians of the Community harnesses mobile blogging and Twitter to enable citizen reporters in A
The Project is about health empowerment of marginalized communities, ultimately making health mat
Many Filipino women struggle to afford nutritious formula for their babies and often settle for c
We never thought that a long-forgotten and isolated island can be a travel destination.
This project is an uptick from the simple feeding program in schools.
Move.org Foundation, Inc. believes in the right of every child to early childhood education.
To impart a better water conservation in agricultural and residential use, a mechanical device t