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Training and equipping women to run community-based bicycle workshops has proven to be an entry l
Edu-Light is an initiative powered by GreenVille Solutions that aims to work with schools to find
Well-trained overall look and movers are trying to offer appropriate alternatives which is determ
E-Mobility is the future tranport.
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The Happy Scarf handwoven by the Bhutanese illiterate women enables them to not only have a sourc
Author of the Book New MONEY MASTERS under theme African Wealth series, that share the journey of
We are recruiting 10 change-makers all over the world to begin a COLLABORATIVE SOCIAL ENTERPRISE.
The Pink mushroom farm and shelter aids victims of domestic violence by providing jobs, work-skil
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As a Colombian citizen I am conscious of how farmers and traditional agriculture has struggled to
A content centric network is an separates data from a location.
We seek to transform hundreds of small charitable organizations from cash strapped “beggars of fu
TWB is building an Online Clean Energy Products Portal to streamline access to appropriate, affor
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Bennu-Solar exists to make bringing solar energy to rural poor a piece of cake.
A complete home in an incomplete town: being a centre for holistic care in a disrupted environmen
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My goal is to leverage the Earth’s most abundant renewable energy source, the sun, to make develo