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We are an entrepreneurship platform offering inspiration and experiential learning to individuals
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This project is all about providing training and coaching on environmental protection and preserv
The HappyTap is revolutionizing how we tackle infectious disease.
TWB is an education-centered social enterprise that empowers women through 1.) 185+ hour business
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The lack of oxygen supply contributes significantly to mortality rates throughout Africa, and adv
Local + Lejos is a socially conscious home decor brand that creates contemporary product for cons
The project aims at reducing food insecurity by processing maize that is usually lost due to seas
This project intend to improve the local banana farmer's livelihood through information sharing,
Author of the Book New MONEY MASTERS under theme African Wealth series, that share the journey of
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Covert Shirt Store designed to sell T-shirts (integrates with Teespring and Skreened) or sell shi
Duhange Project is an initiative which was initiated by Brain Technologies Ltd, in order to nurtu
We offer an innovative strategy for improving the livelihoods of smallholder coffee growers in Rw
A business plan competition for African university students that seeks to harness grassroots entr
Beekeeping has been carried out across many generations in Rwanda (GATARE).
The poor in African villages have physical assets, which are often owned informally (no property
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Social Enterprises developed to create self sustaining business models which both fund from profi