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We are making plastic waste a currency that can be exchanged for the items needed to lift someone
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Kijani Tecnology wants to bring renewable energy to every home on the planet.
go2gether redefines ridesharing through technology and peer communities, making carpooling conven
The Green Events Program is set up to make it easy for secondary school event organizers to minim
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Our goal is to provide tailored training programs, public engagement toolkits and best practices
We're a nonprofit rescuing excess fabric from manufacturers, the film industry, and more.
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People who bike shop more frequently and take fewer sick days at work.
A sustainable and interactive forum for First Nations communities to share, explore & work t
Provide local, sustainable, affordable, and healthy food to the Vancouver community.
Collect & recycle soap discarded by the hospitality industry & distribution of these to i
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My Garment is an interactive behaviour change tool used to educate fashion consumers about the im
An organization of businesses that collaborates to grow a green economy in British Columbia.
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Green Coast Rubbish provides environmentally conscious disposal services by employing sustainable
This food production project will provide a much needed boost for the City of Cranbrook in terms
Inspire a new generation to choose active transportation, specifically biking by teaching commuti
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Backyard chickens and changing climates: developing West Kootenay community mediation programs t