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The Peterson Group makes sure that your business is in good hands.
Talented artisans shouldn’t be in shadows but in limelight.
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The GeoFashion concept is to produce fashionable eco-friendly clothing with low-waste production
Ethik BGC works along the value chain promoting a triple bottom line that works for people and it
EyeCheck is building a vision screening smartphone app and future generations of our technology w
FoodShare is an iOS, Android and Web based application that will connect households, events, stor
J's Junk is a family-owned junk removal company, offering efficient, fast, and eco-friendly junk
We are trying to take our product to market and find other interested charities who could be inte
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Seedstock takes an innovative approach to the problem: "How do we keep money ciruclating in the
We are offering Victoria a zero emissions delivery service as well as a consulting service to fur
opening a small business a Bakery and locally grown vegetables.
SECC is a funding platform to enable Canadian small businesses with dual profit/purpose motives t
Ddevelop an in school manufacturing business to employ work experience student to produce wooden
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A Community Grant Continuum for the Columbia Basin & its communities within it, which will al
Matching qualified and experienced employees, who are over the age of 50, with employers who unde