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We provide a low-cost application for universities to offer e-learning curricula to those who do
The decline of the Jute sector in Bangladesh threatens millions of jobs and rural development.
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Le projet d'Eau et Vie à Bhashantek, Bangladesh, vise à améliorer les conditions de vie de 2
Cophenol wants to make the coffee production more sustainable while increasing coffee farmers rev
"Le Carillon" give tools to any citizen to help in a simple way the homeless of their d
The decline of the Jute sector in Bangladesh threatens millions of jobs and rural development.
Cocourse propose un service de mise en relation entre des particuliers ayant besoin de se faire l
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For social change: in code we trust!
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Création d'une consultation de télémédecine qui a pour objectif prioritaire d'améliorer le confor
At HUMANBE, we strongly believe in the power of human imagination, and believe that we can all in
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This program is implemented in high-level universities.
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The Green Link (TGL) is a business of parcels deliveries and pick-ups in central Paris with a fle
Simplon.co is a free 6 month programming and entrepreneurship bootcamp for underprivileged talent
"Transport impediments" are real obstacles to social inclusion.
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WI-FIlles is an innovative program, working to close the gender gap in the technology and enginee
Cocourse is a crowdsourcing solution for last mile deliveries.
Il faut un microscope pour observer la spiruline et les microalgues alimentaires, et pourtant ell
Robin Débrouille a pour objectif la création d'une plateforme collaborative en ligne destinée à l