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Passion for life is a programme which belongs to the Seniors coaching to move from knowing to doi
Stormie Poodle makes new clothes for children out of discarded high-quality hotel textiles that a
IUG using sport as a tool to make children and youth see opportunities and shape a future beyond
IUG using sport as a tool to make children and youth see opportunities and shape a future beyond
Ignitia is the world’s first highly accurate tropical weather forecasting company.
The overall goal of the Learning Centre is methodological development and dissemination of resear
We are a think tank of 9 people started 2013 when we got an insight of the extent of perceived lo
Breaking the isolation among Seniors citizens
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The elderly care now stands before a big challenge; we have an increasing population of elderly a
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Comfort in Living will provide the most effective and valuable solutions for environmentally frie
Create a natural meeting place for all generations free from charge.
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KRAM is a project which include SME, Academia and the city of Stockholm in a joint effort to brin
Since 2011 the municipality of Sjöbo has been working with a project in cooperation with doctors
Enhance transparency and empowerment by a new way of informing physicians and older adults on inf
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We combine education about sustainability and social entrepreneurship with school fundraising, wh
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Ask a dermatologist anonymously in any device 24/7.
Cooksocial.ly saves your and the planet's resources while giving you fun, food skills AND yummy l
IUG works to get children and young people to see the opportunities to shape their future beyond