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Ce projet consiste à construire un site de création solidaire selon la technique du SuperAdobe et
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Trevo est une entreprise d'insertion créée par la designer Sakina M'SA.
Cophenol wants to make the coffee production more sustainable while increasing coffee farmers rev
Mon projet : Galilée Communication serait une société dont le but serait de promouvoir les innova
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Clothe To Me is a Fashion Tech innovation project that enable users to manage their wardrobe from
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Aimed at a multicultural female audience ages 18-35, The Glamourbaby Network broadcasts motivatio
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Revalorization of Waste waters for a Productive Organic farming on farms in Africa Senegal Camero
ENVIE 2e Nord is a prime example of a successful sustainable development model.
AfB’s mission is to generate place of works for disable people while delivering a professional so
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Alter'Actions is a leadership program that gathers the best students from top schools, highly ski
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Encouraging every child's brilliance... and our own in the process!
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CINEWAX c'est un nouveau concept de cinéclub, à la fois espace de rencontre et cinéma, lieu d'éch
Established in 2012, our organization provides free English workshops to young people using a fun
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Campus Probono is an annual campaign that mobilizes hundreds of students in pro bono service.
This is a unique cross-cutting leadership & social responsibility program, making academic wo
Loca'cité est une expérience de 5 mois pour des étudiants.
AfB’s mission is to generate place of works for disable people while delivering a professional so