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Impulsar una generación de adolescentes y jóvenes que sean agentes replicadores en VIH y Sida en
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The Educate! Experience – A trendsetting program that equips students (Educate!
Yunta es un programa de mentoring que busca fortalecer la autoestima, potenciar las habilidades y
Fútbol Más somos una organización que se inserta en el corazón de los barrios, trabajando en dos
FICE construye la base para comunicar el mensaje de los defensores de DH.
Un programa innovador de empoderamiento para jóvenes líderes representantes de organizaciones y c
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By 2025 for every 3 tons of fish in the ocean there will be 1 ton of plastics.
Green Xchange where heartland socially disadvantaged trade off their recyclables for free medical
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By 2025 for every 3 tons of fish in the ocean there will be 1 ton of plastics.
La industria del Pisco en el Perú genera gran cantidad de residuos sólidos.
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AFFCAD runs Bwaise Youth Employment Centre (BYEC) as a model entrepreneur initiative for disadvan
SALTO trains students to provide customized consultancy services to micro-enterprises (MEs).
The hotel industry covers the entire sustainability spectrum.
PROFIT INCREASES caring for the environment.
The project promotes the development of Peruvian cuisine to sustainability, using innovative proc
Go Green Global is a campaign initiated by AFOGWAD to help eradicate the climate change ignorance
I am proposing standard sizing batteries for mobile devices.
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We provide low-cost advising programs to give talented students from lower-middle-income backgrou
Lack of Used motor oil re-refining and management solutions in Africa has led to penetration of u