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We train uneducated vulnerable Mothers in highly deprived rural villages to run educational Play
YGAP supplies energy efficiency and health products to rural communities in Uganda.
YGAP supplies energy efficiency and health products to rural communities in Uganda.
Mobilized Construction maintains dirt roads in rural communities in Uganda .
The artisans are organized in cooperatives that are located in small towns of Uruguay´s country s
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iFarm Uganda changes and improves livelihoods of rural small holder farmers and promotes environm
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Building a cooperative business through setting up of bulking centers in areas of potentially hig
For a rural youth with no hope, “WETAASE” exists to empower him/her economically while ensuring t
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Majority pig farmers in Uganda are smallholders keeping 1-2 pigs, these depend on poor quality bo
ENVenture works with respected community based organizations (CBOs) already based in the last mil
Together Farm Enterprises is a new farming model that enables local subsistence farmers to work t
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Village Energy works with families in rural and urban slums of Uganda to address their energy nee
The farmer enterprises collectively form the cooperative governance structure to which Women's Mi
My vision is self reliant community that fully utilises the opportunities that come with being in
Asiimwe rose is my name a third year student at African rural university(URDT).
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Rural educator certificate (REC) is an online teacher training program that accommodates, engages
The aim would be for each group member (100) to sell upwards of 50 solar power products, which in
La Fundacion STRO ha desarrollado un software libre, Cyclos, que permite el uso de cuentas virtua
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Solar Sister empowers women with economic opportunity and access to technology.