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<p>Para tener en cuenta: Este será el primer texto introductorio acerca del proyecto que lo
promover el desarrollo de habilidades y capacidades de adolescentes y jóvenes sordos y ciegos
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News and media organizations have always played an essential role in free and democratic societie
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Raúl is addressing Spain’s chronic challenges to offer housing solutions by offering a new afford
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Despite the recent innovations in laws across Europe decreeing equality for men and women in all
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Faustino Zapico has reformulated the structure of the prison system to break the subculture that
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In Central America, the breakdown of law and order during the past twenty years has led to high l
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Growing through the crowd.
Authenticitys is an online platform connecting conscious travellers with local changemakers throu
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More than 1 billion people play videogames.
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We are building educational ecosystem for educators who appreciate the talent of each stude
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Sin brecha 2.0, a través de su plataforma, persigue que las personas con discapacidad intelectual
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Humans spend 3 billion hours a week playing videogames.
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KOLOKVO es una plataforma de iniciativas sociales en la red, con tintes locales y al amparo de la
mingles cree que la mejor forma de practicar un idioma es conversando.
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Los niños de Misera Toben, Gambia siguen sufriendo de unas condiciones precarias de enseñanza y d
We are in the center of Barcelona .Next to the most important cultural institutions of the city,
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Zuvy brings together the most special local providers of experiential and responsible tourism in
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This program will protect the environment, preserve rural culture and create economic growth for
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CuidaJobs: Busca, compara, valora y comparte un cuidador para tus enfermos.