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We will promote “health literacy” by making people in poor, central Indian forest tracts aware of
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In the field of health care though adavnce research going on still there is scope to save time ,
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GIobally indigenous peoples have the lowest life expectancy, highest disease loads and highest ch
After working these years, we have realized that our services have indeed made a socio- economic
RuralHealth Care Foundation has come up with a working model , which is at once -affordable, repl
SHIELD Foundation is working for the elderly and women at Dharavi, Mumbai.
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Solutions beyond imagination, to deliver humanity from the Toxic Chemical Paradigm and lead her i
To provide Primary health care in socially acceptable methods made accessible to the community at
COPDANET has come up with a novel idea of accommodating senior citizens in “Fostering Homes” of t
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a) Kitchen garden & b)Rain Harvest are to be practiced among group.
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Every house should have empty land or roof garden/kichen garden in their houses.
 Autism is a complex developmental disability, which appears during the first 3 years of lif
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My idea is to help the ailing billions to get cured of most
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We have made an effective tonic medicine which is very helpful for aged persons.