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To create or produce a creal made off Moringa,mango,carrot,rice for children that can bear feed o
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Twim Academy is a school of media and creative arts located in Ibadan, Nigeria.
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Food For All initiative is a business project which aims at providing quality food to needy consu
Agro-Solute is a platform that would revitalize the agro sector, It provide farmers (rural &
Funds contributed by students while in school to various business cooperatives as shareholders, u
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The 3 greatest driving forces in life as seen in every face of life globally are: Desire, Passion
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Mushrooms are highly nutritive, low-calories food with good quality protein, vitamins and mineral
The Sun Barter combines two simple already existing technologies to proffer solution to food loss
Development of Tarkwa Bay Island into a Beach Resort to foster the growth of Tourism in Lagos Sta
fao.org estimates that there are over 239 million people that are hungry and malnourished in Afri
My solution is geared towards creating a paradigm shift in the fast food industry from high chole
I provide healthy wholesome,low in fat and calorie food for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike
I provide healthy wholesome,low in fat and calorie food for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike
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This innovation bridges gap between health professionals and patients seeking first hand solution
Providing a solution to the problem of malnutrition and the high rate of child mortality.
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Nutripot.com.ng is the first meal planning and interactive website developed in Nigeria.
CAFE NUTRITIFS is an online breakfast store focused on accessible healthy, nutritious&tasty m
Prince Self-Powered Generator is an innovation from Prince Tech.
RadioNuts seeks to address the nutrition and health security information deficiency by producing