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Vetiver Solutions invests in communities by utilizing vetiver, a plant with an extensive root sys
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 DiasporaNet is an Initiative to write 1694 pioneers mobipreneurs success-story through two steps
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Transformer les externalités négatives de nos déchets fécaux en opportunité pour le renouvellemen
This idea was born in the process of working with orphans in Camping trips, hiking in the mountai
This idea is based on the Chayanov's teachings,the essence of which is the gradual transition fro
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SOIL builds ecological sanitation (EcoSan) systems in Haiti that transform human wastes into rich
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Empower people to evolve from operating out of daily survival into working with a focus on sustai
The OGL Environmental Center is a grassroots, community-based effort where resources (human, educ
Zafen, creole for “It’s our business”, is a peer to project internet pathway linking lenders, don
Maya Nut "food forests" will provide food, jobs and income for Haitian women and their families.
With technical support, proper materials and industry development, rabbit production can provide
I started a small fish farm 8 years ago not knowing if Tilapia could survive in rural Haiti.
Meds & Food for Kids (MFK) saves the lives of Haiti’s malnourished children by developing, ma
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The essence of the project is to help people get valuable vitamins, macro-and micro-nutrients wit
Our student-run bakery contributes to a more balanced nutrition for our peers at the school; we a
UJANE contributes to the long-term valorization and profitability of under/misused resources by d
The project is directed on introduction of highly profitable small farms in the Russian villages.
Our social enterprise targets the massive deforestation in Haiti: we sell propane gas to reduce t
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Increase of agriculture sustainability in the area of risky farming and solution for ecological p