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Talented artisans shouldn’t be in shadows but in limelight.
Osusu Health breaks down barriers to accessing health care.
People loose precious time/money finding the right doctor. MediNav is the
Social enterprise „Proiect Mozaic” started as an answer to the need of a group of people that liv
Stakeholders' Dialog is a project that involves all the pharma players from Romania market and a
A national campaign regarding vaccination has never been done in Romania.
Facilitating access to medical information for doctors from small urban and rural areas.This proj
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Encourage and facilitate self development among vulnerable people through immediate actions and p
The Government and other stake holders, such as DEXIA (Dominica export import agency), Discover D
Play31’s mission is to use the unifying power of football (soccer) to bring together people who h
We are launching Fair Trade Diamonds to benefit people and communities involved in the industry a
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To build Sierra Leone's first nationwide youth development league to empower a new generation of
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eLearning content for kids ages 3 to 11.
“Drum Sigur” is offering Romanian teenagers enrolled in vocational schools, (9th-11th grades) a
Social enterprise „Proiect Mozaic” started as an answer to the need of a group of people that liv
The project aims to facilitate the access to education for children from families in risk of ma
Imagine a world where women who beat the cancer do not face problems in finding a new job, which