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Nuru Energy aims to provide affordable, clean, safe and functional lighting solutions to rural ho
The Green Bean Coffee Shop, an environmentally friendly, sustainable, organic community organizat
Smart Health Card project is among the first building block which lays the foundation of th
Weddings should be a happy event.
A multifunctional solar fruit and vegetable dryer is planned to elaborate.
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Home Planning, the first of its kind in Armenia, aims at providing professional assistance to int
The Micro-referendum Tool is an initiative, which enables the local self-government in Armenian c
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The traffic in Mauritius is horrible and with the number of cars growing exponentially we will so
Ecogeaneration NGO has established a unique Solar Demo site to be used for demonstration and prom
SMEDA is an governmental agency that supports and facilitates the development of entrepreneurship
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The aim of the tournament is to advocate equal opportunities for the people with disabilities in
Our Mission Statement is based on positive reinforcement reducing school and social inequa
To establish Service Improvement plans in 7 villages of Talin region/Aragatsotn Marz of Armenia
Collapse of former Soviet Union emerged military confrontation between Armenia and Nagorno-Karaba
We co-finance BDS for SMEs, provide access to finance, develop BSP infrastructures, as well as