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Nuru Energy aims to provide affordable, clean, safe and functional lighting solutions to rural ho
We were able to talk about one of the 'taboo?
Smart Health Card project is among the first building block which lays the foundation of th
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Samsung merupakan merek dagang terbaik di dunia teknologi terutama gadget smartphone.
The traffic in Mauritius is horrible and with the number of cars growing exponentially we will so
SMEDA is an governmental agency that supports and facilitates the development of entrepreneurship
Women helping women- PWR Foundation, is both a practitioner experimenting and
Employment is a basic right of people with disabilities, ensuring their social participation, eco
Our Mission Statement is based on positive reinforcement reducing school and social inequa
A newly developed water turbidity-clarifying method enhances a continuous physical separation pro
Shapeless Gift is the idea of giving experiences instead of material goods.
"Made in Heaven": a creative approach that tackles the waste management problem faced by most SID