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Como en la mayoría de las grandes ciudades, Buenos Aires cuenta con más edificios no utilizados o
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Como a maioria das grandes cidades, Buenos Aires tem mais edifícios ñ utilizados ou mal utilizado
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As most large cities, Buenos Aires has more unused or badly used buildings than families in need
The project is about creating Eco & adventure tourism community enterprise in a form of a t
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The Composting Net geo-localizes and quantif
Recycling project development into slums near large cities which have already initiated the separ
EcoMundos is a web-based network/hub to exchange, sell and buy healthy locally grown and handmade
Greendemia is an online platform capable of financing collectively, projects related to the susta
Thousands of tons of reusable materials are ending up in landfills every day.
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African Clean Energy provides clean cooking and renewable energy through the manufacture and dist
E-Mobility is the future tranport.
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No es solo una percha con onda y ecológica...una innovadora y eficiente herramienta de comunicaci
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Revista Lima es una plataforma digital sobre Cultura Sustentable.
Fundación TierraVida is an organisation that seeks to inspire, mobilize and support young people
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Taller artístico integral con producciones sustentables de productos provenientes de métodos del
Centro Asistencial de Niños Abandonados y jóvenes en riesgo.
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prevention and support in situations associated with drug promoting intervention strategies that
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prevención y asistencia en situaciones asociadas a drogas promoviendo estrategias de intervención