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En la Localidad de Laishí (Argentina) se implementará procesos de promoción del derecho al acceso
Centro de tecnologías accesibles, de excelencia humana, pedagógica y edilicia donde el usuario pu
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The Composting Net geo-localizes and quantif
Thousands of tons of reusable materials are ending up in landfills every day.
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AppRight is an innovative and revolutionary way for people to help NGOs.
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CI es una plataforma de participación ciudadana en código abierto que genera información sobre la
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The culture of innovation in Argentina lacks cross-sectoral collaboration and the mechanisms to f
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Una solución integral e innovadora que articula el pago de subsidios con diversos actores económi
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Forging education, art and business partnerships between people who in another time and place wou
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In the world's most rural areas, underfunded institutions such as schools and health clinics stru
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Resources depletion and climate change imply a change in the building criteria.
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El agotamiento de recursos y el cambio climatico están haciendo que se modifiquen las pautas cons