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My project PYAAS motive is to provide comfort to homeless animals & save them from dehydratio
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Sustainable development at local, regional and global scale perhaps is the most difficult task th
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Project Brahma aims to boost conservation of India's biodiversity by engaging citizens both onlin
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Online Communities of Practice is an idea whose time has come.
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Indianwildlifeclub.com (IWC), a Community of Practice (COP)in existence since 2000 has aimed at m
The goal ofour program is “Protection of Tigers by Mitigation of Human- Tiger Conflictthrough Pro
Dakshin Foundation will, in collaboration with local community groups, initiate sea turtle-based
Empowering the underprivileged coastal community for effective sea turtle and marine mammal conse
SARSI trains local guides to navigate boats safely down South Asia's longest freely-flowing water
Encourage tourists to wear and follow the local customs.
Growing local tree species for cultivating unique wild silk on waste land, can solve the problem
Mangalajodi Ecotourism is a community owned and managed Ecotourism venture established with a vis
Have a football league with kids between the age of 11-18 are involved, as Water is one of the bi
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IndianWildlifeClub.com is an interactive social media portal which brings together a community of
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IndianWildlifeClub.com (IWC) is a CoP (4000+registered members) focused on Environment and Wildli
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a) Kitchen garden & b)Rain Harvest are to be practiced among group.
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Every house should have empty land or roof garden/kichen garden in their houses.