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Sonali Ojha is empowering street children to create and sustain a vision of the future through an
Entered in Ashoka Fellows
Weaving Destination promotes the finest ethical eri-silk and vintage inspired organic cotton fabr
THE PEACH VIBE helps to create an environment in your workplace that leads to an increase in prod
You don’t need to be the president , genius or a scientist to change the world.
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We know, the cause of most diseases is poisons / toxins.
a multi-faceted, multi-medium network & ICT enabled platform to make the health services, exp
www.drhappylife.org is an effective and t
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To make a better world –to make our life blessed –to fulfill oneself, –to make free our society
HomeMade.com is a commission based service marketing company.
SHIELD Foundation is working for the elderly and women at Dharavi, Mumbai.
Finding where students heart lies Developing talent and skills
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‘Innovative foundation for India’ is committed towards sustainability of life on earth.
To generate awareness and make comprehensive mental health care facility available, affordable an
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mDhil provides high quality, relevant healthcare information to the Indian consumer via text mess
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"Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India" (ARDSI) ;a registered national, non-profit v
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Solutions beyond imagination, to deliver humanity from the Toxic Chemical Paradigm and lead her i
The MINDS Foundation promotes acceptance of mental illness as a medical condition through grassro
Breaking the cycle of poverty facing millions affected by mental health disorders around the worl
He was the youngest child in his family, Sunil Ghai had to work odd jobs to supplement the family