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Fabretto supports early child development in at-risk rural Nicaraguan communities by training pub
Sarrell Dental is a non-profit organization that provides dental and eye care to underserved comm
Sarrell Dental is a non-profit organization that provides dental and eye care to underserved comm
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Globally, 150 million children suffer from stunting – or low height for age.
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What are the challenges and obstacles children face in life today at home and school?
Hint: This will be the first introductory text about this project that viewers will see.
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Food from Forests will provide a nutritious rainforest tree food, Maya Nut (Brosimum alicastrum)
GreenSoul Shoes is a social enterprise that aims to shoe 1 million shoeless children in 10 years.
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JamQuest strives to raise up a generation of young, world-changing, servant leaders, who are fear
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A Global Voice for Autism exists to help children in conflict-affected communities communicate in
Sequestration of voluntary labor base for the improvement of the human condition.
Data indicate that 80% of preschoolers do not receive vision screening and one in 20 children has
This project seeks to explore disparities in autism diagnosis and treatment in the African-Americ
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The Northern Illinois Homebuilders Associate has donated four custom-built Playhouse and two cust
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Within a community setting every Sunday, Sunday Friends empowers families in need to break the cy
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codeSpark’s mission is to ignite curiosity about computer science and turn programming into play.
We are a small children’s museum offering classes in early music experiences, creative dramatics,
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During the crucial early learning years, the ELSI identifies essential outcomes in each domain of
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Here at Playful Learning, we are bringing education to life!