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Young people possess an innate curiosity and desire to learn.
Hint: This will be the first introductory text about this project that viewers will see.
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There are hundreds of millions of children unable to get a quality education.
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Re:Coded transforms the massive intellectual potential of Syrian refugees and IDPs by using a low
honorCode strives to cre
Tellusthepoint enables employers like Unilever to share with students how classroom subject
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GirlsTalk/GuysTalk youth participate in various workshops and activities that teach about social
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I propose to start an after-school "garden classroom" in partnership between USC student voluntee
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ProjectCSGIRLS (www.projectcsgirls.com
I am looking to organize groups of like-minded people truly concerned with the problems we face a
BirdBrain History will serve History and Social Justice articles to students at their independent
Broadening the support system to provide inner city students an equal chance to succeed in colleg
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The Connect Group supports self-organizing self-sustaining tuition free private school Learning C
A pioneering new school model that draws on what games and play do best: drop students into inqui