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Es una campaña a favor de la creación de una Corte Penal Latinoamericana y del Caribe contra el C
Authenticitys is an online platform connecting conscious travellers with local changemakers throu
Touchland provides smart, beautiful and sustainable hand hygiene solutions to improve everyone’s
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Pos2Me es el primer Servicio de Punto de Venta que conecta socialmente al consumidor con el negoc
JCI Uruguay : "Brindar oportunidades de desarrollo que preparen a los jóvenes para crear cambios
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Urmanismo 2.0 is a new concept in Sustainable Planning and Social Networks, which allows for the
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HiT Barcelona es el encuentro mundial que, a lo largo de dos días, reúne a líderes empresariales,
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A jointly financed business plan competitions by the local governments and private sector will be
We want to help civil protection, security, crowd control and search and rescue organizations wit
Knowmads is a platform and a school for people who want to make a positive change in the world.
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Emzingo is a social enterprise that through people development programs and social impact project