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The purpose of the Teaching in Action Program is to provide the venue for Tanzanian teachers to m
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There are hundreds of millions of children unable to get a quality education.
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An appropriate technology challenge for students in the UK and Tanzania to learn, make and share
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Gazedu comes from a word "Gazeti " a swahili word which means newspaper and EDU which means educa
We plan on creating a new financial product called a development impact bond.
The first & only social enterprise in VN with experts in Arts for Human Development, providin
“The idea is to accelerate sustainable quality through a digitally technological inclusiven
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The Mobile Resource Center combines an English library with donated school materials and volunteer e
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Sure Steps Nursery School is a private initiative hoping to bridge a gap in current Zanzibari soc
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Utoto Raha is an innovative and sustainable social enterprise that provides Tanzanian children wi