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Disability should never be the obstacle to fulfill dreams & create a change.
Shaal is a mobile and internet community helps Egyptian women to face sexual harassment on street
BADAWEYA empowers female Bedouin handicraft producers to build up their own business.
This project aims to save female prisoners who are victims of poverty from the danger of returnin
Train 25 marginalized women in impoverished community, to perform practical community needs asses
This project is about having a campaign called "Organize and Influence", through which The Egypti
Rural Fashion – a modern label, inspired by ethnical traditions of Romania and recreated with a
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HarassMap is a volunteer initiative that works to end social tolerance for sexual harassment usin
Qalb Kabeer is putting empathetic emotional development at the heart of Egypt’s public schools by
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Groundbreaking and institutionalizing independent free local media in Egypt, on of the cores of d
New media in-depth reporting about a changing EU newcomer, plus a network-based multimedia projec
Chain of charity and financing programs designed to graduate clients from poverty and informal bu
ADAPT offers low-cost housing solutions for poor communities (also environmentally-adapted), by p
Fish aquaponics project is to face high prices of meat in Egypt by providing poor families an alt
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Eliminating all forms of violence against women, children, building capacities, supporting financ
This project aims at empowering rural women in Brageel village as social change agents by brea
Women are often economically, culturally, and socially disadvantaged in Egypt, making them vulner