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Farmshare, is a service which allows us, to support smallholder farmers, share production costs i
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GRAB A CUP is a nutritious, environmentally friendly packaged breakfast.
Ghana School Farms partners with disadvantage schools and local institutions to develop community
My solution is geared towards creating a paradigm shift in the fast food industry from high chole
“Every person, every society, every nation has a part to play in building a peaceful and prospero
It undisputed fact how local communities suffers from the cancer of poverty and continue to aggra
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VIVUS has developed a mobile-based sales system enabling a near “zero-rot” trade of food staples
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PAAJAF in collaboration with local and international microfinance institutions offers business ed
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Safe Living in Harmony with Nature adequately meeting 21st Century Challenges that is energy effi
To assist young Agricultural graduates with business ideas to access financial aid to start their
Africa has a lot of farm uncultivated farm lands.
This project will help low-income families buy larger quantities of higher-quality complementary
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A study is conducted for potential dam sites selection in order to store rainwater by using Satel