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Unite For Sight fournit des soins ophtalmologiques à plus de
Unite for Sight ha brindado cuidados oftalmológicos a más de 1.3 millones de personas en el mundo
Unite for Sight já prestou atendimento oftalmológico para mais de 1,3 milhões de pessoas em todo
Unite For Sight has provided eye care to more than 1.3 million people worldwide, including more t
Bright Simons is empowering consumers to protect their health using simple and user-friendly tech
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A solar powered mosquito attractant to aid reduce the cases of malaria in the country especially
Plastic wastes has been a problem for african countries, Operation plastius has come out with inn
The Green Journey project seeks to stem the rising trend of malnutrition and obesity by developin
My solution is geared towards creating a paradigm shift in the fast food industry from high chole
H2CWorld brings out communities/groups' strengths and facilitates the creation of local responses
In Togo, West Africa, public health clinics go unused in part because patients do not believe the
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1. Adequate & comprehensive biodata compilation of every patient
Mobile HeathEd takes advantage of cultural roots and understanding to fight community resistance
Centralian Consulting Foundation encompasses a wide range of specific activities designed to enha
Unite For Sight partners with local clinics to eliminate patient barriers to care, and we have pr
MedAlert is an sms application that reminds patients when they need to take their medication.
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Millions of women in the developing world suffer from ruptured ectopic pregnancies annually.
The Community Health Worker (CHW) program is the cornerstone of Hope Through Health (HTH) initiat
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CHCS aims at mobilizing funds from individuals and the international political organizations such
The goal is to minimize the upfront hardware and technology requirements involved in using an inn