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Evrnu fiber transforms cotton garment waste into textile fiber for the creation of premium garmen
We have invented a device that can monitor a bicycle wheel's rotation and award points to a
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Organic and inexpensive blend that makes you preserve your garments by reducing the washing cycle
Ambercycle makes microbes that can plastic. Our microbes produce chemicals when fed plastic.
REvolve Waste is building the supply chain for closed loop textiles.
My new artificial photosynthesis technology transforms ground-level ozone (most widespread air po
At 2WO BRAND, we believe the future of sustainable clothing begins with your worn-out threads.
We're a group of kids that want to help the environment.There is a lot of trash and pollution tha
Invent an integrated alert system for food pantries and food waste recycling centers that restaur
"Stock of Oxygen" it is the service that allows to people to start to collect paper in special ba
Takachar works with existing/new local entrepreneurial groups in urban slums to bring waste manag
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Breath of Hope Foundation is a nonprofit organization designed to educate at risk children and th
We empower positive-minded filmmakers and give citizen journalists a voice that is lacking in tod
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It is imperative that students understand the importance of our Oceans and the relationship and i
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We have developed a realistic approach that will reduce lead poisoning and increase economic deve
We want use our efforts to link environmental justice to social justice, and offer un- and under-
STEMscopes works to provide equal access to quality science instruction in kindergarten through f