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Initiated in 2004 by cinematographer Manon Barbeau and co-founded by the Atikamekw Nation Council
DreamCatcher Mentoring (DCM), un programme novateur de mentorat en ligne et de développement du l
Leader en promotion éducationnelle, Actua offre depuis vingt ans des programmes pratiques en scie
A leader in educational outreach, Actua has a twenty-year track record of providing hands-on, con
Balancing Strategies is an interactive, flexible, and holistic program that utilizes culturally-r
Our project is unique and distinct from other similar programs due to the number of partnerships
What is the number one reason why students do not go on to attend University?
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Language, language, language! Who would’ve of thought that Language, a key
DreamCatcher Mentoring (DCM) is an innovative e-mentoring and leadership program that connects hi
Créé en 2004 par la cinéaste Manon Barbeau et cofondé par le Conseil de la Nation Atikamekw et le
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We aim to develop shipping container malls aimed at providing affordable retail space for low-inc
Talented artisans shouldn’t be in shadows but in limelight.
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Super-Tech Hub was launched in July 2015, it is an innovation space that endeavors to inspire and
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Filter Cycler is a water purification machine that we invented using the readily available resour
Adherence to therapy is a public health challenge. Breathing is essential to life.
A major problem in developing countries is not only the cost of hearing aids for hearing impaired
The Pediatric and Cancer Centre  will aim at offering  the best in infant and child  health while
Kids are natural Makers.