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Capacitar y complementar el desarrollo de proyectos con una visión social, para artesanos textile
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En CORDEM reconstruimos comunidades a través del empoderamiento de la MUJER.
Thousands of people die and suffer due to their inability to afford healthcare.
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Transfo convierte proyectos sociales en negocios para que dependan en menor medida de donativos y
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InCom (Invierte y Comparte A.C.) is the first civic nonprofit organization in Mexico to create an
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Book by Book has been created to help the students and make the availability of books easy for th
Proyecto para fundar una empresa social mexicana que ponga al alcance artículos de decoración cre
Target Market: 65 million Pakistanis don’t have access to the electric grid.
Women's Digital League is a social enterprise providing digital services to clients through a tal
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We come with a mission to fix the funding process by empowering people from all around the world