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The project seeks to contribute with achieve a fair society with equal opportunities, addressing
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O projeto visa contribuir para uma sociedade justa, com igualdade de oportunidades, abordando as
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Le projet cherche à contribuer à une société plus juste avec une égalité des chances, face aux di
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El proyecto busca contribuir a contar con una sociedad justa con igualdad de oportunidades, afron
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El proyecto “Capellanía Escolar” de Juventud para Cristo Bolivia nace de corazones conmovidos por
The Flower Programme is an initiative that supports empowerment for not only a selected group of
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Kızlar Sahada is an amateur soccer festival catering to women of all ages.
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Those girls need our full support for education, health care, nutrition and anything else to surv
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The girls in Soma need our help to survive.
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La Academia de Fútbol Tahuichi Aguilera es una Institución Privada sin fines de lucro, que incluy
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Chicas con Sentido es un proyecto donde las jóvenes se empoderan y valoran su identidad,ideas y c
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Our idea is to bring opportunities through technology to the ones who need primary education but
Constructing an education for life and in life
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Construyendo una educación para la vida y en la vida.