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Vida Harvest reverses loss of family farming by returning more profit to farmers.
Ahorro en el presupuesto de la familia. Producto único en el país
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Programa de servicio y desarrollo a las mipymes nicaraguenses prevé incrementar la competitivida,
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The Egg´s Galpon
Our goal is to create sources of income for rural households, family farms and Roma groups by pro
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We run a paper recycling workshop in the largest rubbish dump in Central America.
We are a not for profit organization who's vision is to develop and promote alternative solutions
Edusfera's mission is to actively participate at the improvement of the Romanian educational syst
The Romano ButiQ" Association was created on April 18, 2011 in order to promote non-discriminatio
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Agros makes change by empowering the most remote, impoverished families to lift themselves out of
We create permanent sources of income for rural people at risk of poverty and social exclusion th
Animal feed, organic fertilizer for farms and gardens, biogas
I aim to re-use waste products for the creation of jewelry, toys & decorative objects.
The project focuses to create an accessible kit for filtering and monitoring the quality of water