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Desarrollaremos Alianzas estratégicas entre la sociedad Civil organizada y la Juventud con accion
El Medidor de vulnerabilidad de derechos humanos de los pueblos indígenas en países extractivista
El Proyecto Cultural y Educativo “Hora Libre” es para que los jóvenes aprendan del VIh/sida Diver
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Transforming our Latin American Communities One Short Film at a Time.
GlobeMed is a network of university students that partner with grassroots organizations around th
Meeting the Need: Training of Healthcare Workers in Rural Communities
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Acceso a la información sin obstáculos económicos utilizando energía renovable e incentivando el
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Our innovative model facilitates youth empowerment and civic engagement through the production of sh
Aim to create awareness on the importance of the Agriculture sector for youth self empowerment, p
The Good Girls Pastry Project seeks to address the high level of young girls living in Buchanan,
Poverty is acute among the women population in rural Liberia.
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Shoulder to Shoulder Global(STSG), an international and community-based non-profit organization,
Football activities that swiftly enchant the interest and attention of youths will increase girls
Every year 30 “Save the Children Lithuania” children’s day-care centers help about 700 children t
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At PeaceKERNEL, we are reinvigorating post-war Liberia’s dormant palm kernel oil industry.
An agriculture farming business that is use as a demonstration site to provide agribusiness skill