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This project will provide rain water storage tanks to schools, construct pit latrines , provide
Encontrarse en la Diversidad es una propuesta que apunta a encontrarse con uno/a mismo/a a la vez
En la Localidad de Laishí (Argentina) se implementará procesos de promoción del derecho al acceso
rescatamos animales de situaciones de maltrato y crueldad. trabajamos al amparo de 1 ley.
Go Green Global is a campaign initiated by AFOGWAD to help eradicate the climate change ignorance
La propuesta es desarrollar un proyecto que sea innovador en nuestra región, generando puentes e
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IGNITE THE YOUTH Africa (ITY AFRICA) is a network promoting African Patriotism and Youth Activism
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Do you enjoy working outside?
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Do you want to spend your time doing something meaningful while travelling the world?
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Are you interested in experiencing a different health system than the one in your country?
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Do you like helping children or teenagers gain new knowledge and skills?
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Are you looking for an opportunity to spend your time doing something meaningful?
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We work in rural south-western Uganda where families live in real poverty.
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We empower the most marginalized people in society to improve health outcomes for families in the
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The project aims to support youth inclusion in Bukedea District in Eastern Uganda and to foster d
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We see development in Africa a different way,
Apoyamos el desarrollo educativo en comunidades rurales, generando agentes de cambio.
Raise awareness of African conservation organisations by creating digital media within the countr