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To pioneer sustainable change in the way malnutrition is addressed globally by treating people at
“Maximizar la educacion y crear independencia.” VAMOS A PROVEER UNA SOLUCION
We create community hubs and build aquaponic farms on unused rooftops and courtyards.
Herbalism is a well known system of traditional/alternative medicine practiced throughout human h
Technologie ist definiert als die Anwendung wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnisse zu praktischen Zwecke
We create community hubs and build aquaponic farms on unused rooftops and courtyards.
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To develop a woodland site as a Centre of Excellence offering weekend training events, 1-day skil
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Wheyducation's focus is to teach youth throughout the world about whey's importance agriculturall
Microfy's mission is to help Refugees & Asylum seekers to sustain themselves and become econo
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Steppup Puppets has written a puppetshow and book to teach children about climate change, empathy
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Making sports clubs as sustainability leaders in a community through audits, education and behavi
Begoodogood uses an innovative platform design to facilitate & encourage people to join force
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DAYSE is a not-for-profit energy charity.
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2034 Israeli Palestinian world cup is a peace project setting aim to put the ongoing conflict to
The solution of our company could save a lot of money worldwide using a very easy procedure and f
WaterWays™ provides sustainable water solutions and development platforms for rural areas, enabli
The idea is simple. We produce micro-algae, which is naturally occurring in nature.