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“Maximizar la educacion y crear independencia.” VAMOS A PROVEER UNA SOLUCION
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As an enabler in the ecosystem of design for social good, we aim to deepen our social impact by c
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We create community hubs and build aquaponic farms on unused rooftops and courtyards.
The project brings together a group of street musicians into a unique and professional musical en
Kallfly is an On-Demand virtual Contact Center marketplace, connecting businesses with experience
Herbalism is a well known system of traditional/alternative medicine practiced throughout human h
Fleeting.ly is a platform that connects disadvantaged communities to better-off networks, enablin
We create community hubs and build aquaponic farms on unused rooftops and courtyards.
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Plate my Meal™ - A 3-step fun & simple solution to assist parents encourage their children to
We sell high quality refractories, firebrick, and insulation.
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Open That Box - – 8 Steps To Unleash Creativity In Your Organization is a how-to book that guides
Capital Commons provides investments, consulting services, tools or expertise for all early-stage
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Wheyducation's focus is to teach youth throughout the world about whey's importance agriculturall
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Hi I have started a company called Love Cruise in april last year 2012.
Youths in modernized communities are becoming increasingly driven by material needs.
Microfy's mission is to help Refugees & Asylum seekers to sustain themselves and become econo
Children flourish in school because their moms and big sisters are making 500 sets of school unif