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Inxchan means New Beginning of Life.
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As a volunteer in Teaching English to Buddhist Monks Program, you will provide basic conversation
The project will provide less fortunate children with shelter where they can have a safe environm
The Kumari Project's program teaches empathy by using theater to help kids understand others' per
PA Nepal works for the welfare of prisoners, their children and families as well as poor and vuln
A community hospital that will serve the deprive people.
The Project is about health empowerment of marginalized communities, ultimately making health mat
We cannot deny the unique demands of women's health from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.
Many Filipino women struggle to afford nutritious formula for their babies and often settle for c
At Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes, severely malnourished children are restored to full health a
This project is an uptick from the simple feeding program in schools.
Move.org Foundation, Inc. believes in the right of every child to early childhood education.
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Nutrition is basic needs for children and pregnant women, if a child is born malnourished s/he mi
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KOHCP creates sustainable, rural oral health care systems by combining grassroots-level infrastru