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Nuru Energy aims to provide affordable, clean, safe and functional lighting solutions to rural ho
A mother herself, Sylwia Chutnik experienced that mothers are often expected to sacrifice their c
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Witold Klaus has introduced a new approach to legal advocacy for marginalized groups in Poland th
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Teresa Tomaka is creating a system of advocates to protect the rights of the disabled in Poland&#
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Piotr Pawlowski is pioneering Poland's first serious disability mainstreaming and public edu
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Culture is a civilisation operating system. Ours need reboot and update.
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Nossa missão é inspirar os estudantes a aprender e explorar conhecimento em uma rede online colab
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We are using innovative open-source "question and answer" software for community problems solutio
DAMB facilitates learning though creative problem solving in teams.
The campaign has three goals: initiate co-operation between the business sectors, Labour Offices
Polish village needs a modern approach to use of cultural resources and their natural values.
Our goal is instilling the idea of social openness to blind and visual impaired people among non
Multi-issues Partnership was created in order to integrate people and institutions around the id
Cross-sector forum provides a wider variety of perspectives and solutions than would be found in
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The "Solidarity in action" project aims to create a new mechanism of solidarity and responsibilit
Our aim is to restore former custom of neighbourly help.
The idea is simple:You Buy-You Eat-You Support.We have created a partnership between the Foundati
Create alternative housing solutions for the modern active senior who does not have this choice i