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Growing through the crowd.
Authenticitys is an online platform connecting conscious travellers with local changemakers throu
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Los niños de Misera Toben, Gambia siguen sufriendo de unas condiciones precarias de enseñanza y d
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Zuvy brings together the most special local providers of experiential and responsible tourism in
“Team up for good” is an internal community inviting all our employees to “team up” and collabora
The aim of Colegio San Ignacio is to educate students and teach them to read reality in order to
La organización, Colegio San Ignacio, pretende educar a los alumnos y para ello los acompaña en
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An educational campaign designed to advance kid´s self-confidence, social awareness and creativit
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We use the internet to reach women everywhere in the Arab world, to help them grow their small bu
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The usage of social networks by high school students to create and communicate information free o
ACCEDER is created to facilitate access to the labor market through training-employment schedules
ACCEDER surge para facilitar el acceso al mercado laboral de la población gitana mediante itinerario
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We want to involve people in the change of the economy fundamentals (finacing, consumption and la
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Urmanismo 2.0 is a new concept in Sustainable Planning and Social Networks, which allows for the
Exchange Tourism changes existing social systems and progresses towards more egalitarian, inclusi
Ecocéano, tiene el propósito de aumentar las Áreas Marinas Protegidas (AMP) y lograr una adecuada
Una Web como lugar de encuentro para pacientes, profesionales y gestores del sistema de salud,cre
Según la FAO, cerca de 870 millones de personas sufren desnutrición crónica y los modelos insoste