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GIVEasia enables charities/individuals to raise funds through the powers of social media by allow
The decline of the Jute sector in Bangladesh threatens millions of jobs and rural development.
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Aimed at a multicultural female audience ages 18-35, The Glamourbaby Network broadcasts motivatio
Indonesian rupiah has more zeroes and digits on its tail.
Every 5 years, SWEN will have a specific theme that will require research into innovative product
Hi I have started a company called Love Cruise in april last year 2012.
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Experiential learning for youths to develop empathy and empowerment to become effective social ch
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Encouraging every child's brilliance... and our own in the process!
Using football as a means and medium to keep children and youth off the streets by developing a p
A SexTEE initiative that will provide 20% of the proceeds to teenage sex community toll-free hel
We want to create a center where homeless people could come for short vacation.
AfB’s mission is to generate place of works for disable people while delivering a professional so