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A mother herself, Sylwia Chutnik experienced that mothers are often expected to sacrifice their c
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Witold Klaus has introduced a new approach to legal advocacy for marginalized groups in Poland th
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Teresa Tomaka is creating a system of advocates to protect the rights of the disabled in Poland&#
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Piotr Pawlowski is pioneering Poland's first serious disability mainstreaming and public edu
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We would like to develope and run a Counseling Centre for people suffering from Alzheimer's dese
Our aim is to help the poor to be musically inclined.
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The aging affects whole world see. And with each passing year begins to widen.
Gdynia implements politics and initiatives for seniors using the dialogue with citizens as the to
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The world population is rapidly ageing.
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Alertfy is a ONE button alert alarm system that is a wireless, plug & play alert alarm panic
In the neighbourhood of Old Airport Road, the elderly staying there has to put out their laundry
As society progresses, the elderly will become more and more independent.
Japan has a huge elderly community, like most developed nations.
Elderly with problems walking will use the walking stick or the umbrella to aid them in their wal
Obatech improves the relationship between nurses/pharmacists, and their chronic disease patients
Our goal is instilling the idea of social openness to blind and visual impaired people among non
Our aim is to restore former custom of neighbourly help.
In a quiet crematorium, an old lady place flowers on a grave.