Economy Needs Seniors' Unique and Real Experience

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Economy Needs Seniors' Unique and Real Experience

Eger, Hungary
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Our project intends to map, collect, organize and utilize the knowledge, expertise, experiences and competences elderly (55+) people .

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Our project "ENSURE" intends to map, collect, organize and utilize the knowledge, expertise, experiences and competences elderly people (55+) uniquely have with some decades of work behind them. Our most important aim is to establish an intelligent database consisiting of senior experts which links to the needs of companies, authorities, training organizations and other stakeholders who whish to use these knowledge. With this idea we expect to save the human capital organizations may loose with the retirement of their senior workers. We also intend to represent the social and metal needs of the elderly giving them the possibility to feel themselves more active and beneficial for younger generations. The most important result of the project would be a community site for seniors including their professional experiences which can be seen by companies and other stakeholders, and also giving possibilities to create social networks and free-time activities. We also intend to make a sustainability plan which includes the conditions and development possibilities to use and operate the community site and database after the project's lifetime. The project idea is unique in the participating regions so we think we can create added value for regional development and give suggestions for policy-makers.

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The "ENSURE" project is rather an opportunity for the target group, than their employment methodology as a human resource. The terminology of the elderly society also means that despite the fact that the target group is aging, they intend to function as active members of the society. According to some studies the maturity generation (43-63) increasingly feels it necessary to contribute to social cohesion. Thus this generation not only focuses on economic activity but they consider all kinds of activity important, whether it is paid or not, because without a specified purpose all kind of activities can be useful for the individual and the society alike. We can state that if the elder people can use their accumulated competencies and knowledge that will contribute either in a mental and physiological way to their consciousness. This mental and physical freshness reduces the chances of developing psychological disorders (eg. depression, distress). Thus that can reduce the strain of the public health care system giving the opportunity to use this money for other purposes, this process can help the economical development this way as well, even using this “extra” money for other actions concentrating for the needs of the elderly. However, it increases the sense of their own usefulness, active social and economical presence. It is an absolute characteristic of Western European societies, but also a growing phenomenon in the eastern region that the target group has an increasing discretionary income which means that they could be potential private capital investors. Therefore the ENSURE project could bring them closer to some operating or emerging businesses. This way the project provides them an opportunity to participate actively according their own - and also the needs of enterprises. Therefore, the project is operating in emerging businesses, business ideas brought them close to provide an opportunity to participate actively - according to their own needs - in helping the direction of a company in product or service development. Or by acquisition of shares, investment, and intellectual and experiential capital, also gaining an interest in a certain business, the elderly can be generators of such developments, which create both economic and social benefits. This may be an important emphasis on health industry,
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The overall aim of the project would be the conservation and reuse the knowledge, experience and capabilities of senior experts for the younger generations acting as mentors, advisors or trainers to pass on their skills and knowledge to others in their own company or at other companies in the regions, in their countries or even abroad. The global intention which rules over this project is to explore the efficiency of a local approach for senior skills management and their contribution to business & economic development. Most of companies usually are not used to use the knowledge of elderly. The opinion is, that they are old and not usefull. That is why it is very important to underline that we try to change "the mentality" of the thinking about the experience of the elderly, to point, that their knowledge is huge and plus experience. Objectives: -To establish a well-structured online database including the competences and experiences of the senior experts of the different sectors and professions which helps to link to companies' and other stakeholders' needs -To satisfy the social and mental needs of 55+ making them possible to remain active and beneficial for th

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The project aims is in harmony with the partner countries political and economical situation and would contribute to the regional economic development mainly by supporting SMEs’ human resources policy as the project could represent a new way of how to use the knowledge and experiences of senior workers. With this idea the SMEs and entreprenurs could avoid the loss of their human capital, as senior professionals could cooperate with the companies. The project would contribute to the regional economic development also by creating conditions for employment creation both to elder and younger generations. In this context we expect to decrease the level of emigration from the regions both in case of the elderly (as they still can remain active) and the younger generation (as having more professional and specified knowledge form the elderly, they will have more possibilities). It will improve the competitiveness of the regions and entreprises and help to stabilize the labour market. An other important aspect which this project clearly intends to represent is rather a social consideration. We think that the social and mental needs of the elderly are also important to consider.
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Local Enterprise Agency Heves County



Country where main implementer is located

, EG, Eger

How long has the main implementer been operating?

More than 5 years

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The LEA insisting more than 20 years ago. It has established with the help of Local municipilaties and the Hungarian Government. From the beginnings we are supporting Micro,- and SME's with trainings, advisories in different level and more various credit possibilities. We organising, conferences, seminars, forums and participation in fairs in national and international levels. We have a wide international contact many similar organisations in EU countries and we create SME's projects in national and international level, like ENSURE55.

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Cooperation partner

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How does this cooperation partner support the initiative? Which competencies and resources does this partner bring to the initiative?
Cooperation partner

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How does this cooperation partner support the initiative? Which competencies and resources does this partner bring to the initiative?
Cooperation partner

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How does this cooperation partner support the initiative? Which competencies and resources does this partner bring to the initiative?
Problem and solution
Which of these fields of Active and Healthy Ageing are addressed by your initiative?

Assisted daily living, Independent living solutions, Social inclusion (intergenerational practice, work and volunteering).

If none of the above, answer here:
Please describe if and how your stakeholders (cooperation partners, funders, users, etc.) have been participating in defining the problem and developing the solution.

During the project, partners will study the best practices of each participating regions and countries regarding the employment of the elderly. Collecting experiences and data each partner can reflect to the policy -makers of their own country regading new practices and trends and can give recommendations.

An important question is the legal background of the employment of retired people. Partners can also give recommendations to policy makers regarding the establishment of the legal framework (eg. part-time workers, mentors, advisors).

Each participant commited to contact the relevant policy-makers at regional level to capitalize results obtained. Moreover the diversity of entities involved will allow addressing stakeholders having policy implementation roles.

Has your solution been tested in trials, experimentations, or pilot projects? If yes, please describe the process and outcome.

We were prepared questioners to elderly and businesses and about analyzed each region for the partners. Later the mapping of each region was built in the needs analysis of the regions. And also the mapping and analyzing of the regions were compiled into the project. When we collected all datas we built them into our database and started the test phase with stakeholders via Focus group meetings and Interactive forums. We did it in four countries and four regions. Collected all difficulties and we made policy reccommendations wich are relevant all partners countries.

How long has your solution been in operation?

for 1‐5 years

Please select the relationship between your solution and related solutions currently established in our society. Is your solution…

adaptive (your solution builds on existing solutions and is improving them without radically changing them)

What barriers might hinder the success of your initiative? How do you plan to overcome them?

- Luck of capitol and the attitude of policymakers.
- Economic market in recession; lack of job opportunities
- Social prejudices linked to age
- Incapability of companies to retain experts 55+ talent
On the other hand:

- Difficulties in finding job opportunities.
- Dissatisfaction with current job conditions
- Lack of means to support economically themselves and sustain the standard of living
- Motivations associated with of a new lifestyle change desired
- Passion for development an activity
- High financial cost to maintain social and health policies
- Increased working life
We made an Implementation Plan and in it we offered the next ones;
- Relations with partners and stakeholders
- ENSURE Subproject dissemination
- Diversification of regional economy through new projects
After the ENSURE period of execution, LEA Heves County commit itself to maintain a dynamic role, as a “catalyst” and union between seniors and no- seniors, to detect and develop synergies. To keep working in the dissemination of the seniors role in the society.

Organization and funding
Regularly paid employees



2 (occassionally)



External advisers and experts


Others (please specify)


What are the specific professional backgrounds and competencies your team brings to the initiative?

Our most important objective is to give professional help and support to establish and improve Small & Medium-Sized Businesses.

Organizational skills and micro credit programme..

Please describe your management or coordination structure in the initiative.

Chairman of Board 1 person
Vice President 1 person
Micro credit manager 1 person
Project manager 1 person
Financial manager 1 person
Administrativces 4 persons

Please provide the total yearly budget in Euro that your initiative spends on implementing the solution.
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0 %

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0 %

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0 %

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0 %

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0 %

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0 %

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0 %

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0 %

Target group, scale and impact
Which target group(s) do you want to reach with your solution?

All 55+ people in our region who lost a job or became unemployed or retired. Over this the SME's who would like to use the target goup experiences.

Please estimate the number of persons within your target group (users, clients, etc.) that you currently reach directly with your solution.

more hundred

In which local/regional/national area(s) is the solution currently implemented?

The main region is North Hungary but with the help of our database we can reach the whole country.

What is the impact on your target group (users, clients) you want to generate?

We would love to give a chance to the older generation and improving their way of life and their more quality life and via these people improving the local businesses and local economical life.

What is the wider impact on society you want to generate?

We want to develop success stories with our database and to reach that the policy makers accept our policy recommandations.

What are the impacts on your target group you already achieved?

We already started to measure the impacts of the project to the local economical life and the impacts to the 55+ seniors. The result is excellent.

How has the impact of your initiative been assessed?

External evaluation of impacts based on qualitative methods (interviews, focus groups, etc.), External evaluation of impacts based on quantitative methods (quantitative measurement of impact indicators).

Public information and strategy
What information on your initiative is publicly available?

Mission and strategy, Organisational structure, Information on team members, Evaluation report, Financial report, Activity report, Working method and 'theory of change'.

Please indicate webpage or contact for obtaining the respective information.
What are your milestones for further developing, implementing, and establishing your initiative in the next three years? Please describe 1-3 milestones.

1; The project is distributed with other countries who participated in Interreg IVC programme.(7 countries)
2;The main result of the project-database- extended in intertnational and national level.
3; Mentoring and cooperation: following the promotion of the essential mentors’ role and cooperation between ageing people and young professionals
o Training: exploring the possibility of a suitable offer of appropriate training to seniors.
o Dissemination and communication: e. g. fostering the culture of innovation and technology among senior professionals.