Grandparents 3.0

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Grandparents 3.0

Torino, Italia
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Enabiling to meet and socialize trhough Social Networks ;
Improving the elders’ knowledge on how to use Pc/Tablet.

About Project

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In recent years, the diffusion of new technologies and the use of Internet has changed our way to communicate and being in a relationship. The fast progress of the research and the innovation in this field, has forced us, in a very short time, to learn how to use these new tools for our communication. We had to learn new languages, acquire technical competences and change our habits, trying to “move with the times”. This evolution has been relatively simple and natural for new generations, but old people have had more difficulties to cope with this transformation, and thus struggle to integrate the new technologies in their daily life. An European study examined how grandparents communicate with their young grandchildren using new technologies (T. Quadrello, H. Hurme, J. Menzinger, P. K. Smith, M. Veisson, S. Vidal, S. Westerback, 2005). It reported that face - to - face contact was the most used way to communicate and new technologies were less used.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

The aim of the project concerns that old people could be able to use Tablets and Internet, and to improve their knowledge about Social Network, as instrument to increase their relationships with other people and to tackle solitude. It is important that they could be able to use alone the new technologies in their daily life.
Impact: How does it Work

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1) Collecting the requests to participate in the project, and forming the working groups (max. 5 participants for each group). They are going to be selected in a uniform way, considering which competences they have. 2) Each group is going to have three meetings, in which old people can learn, through practice experience, to use a Social Network; 3) Each participant will decide if they want to be part of the “Social-Grandparents Group” (“Gruppo dei Social-Nonni”). After the end of the experience, they will also have the possibility to interact with the participants in project who are not members of their own group. 4) Each participant is going to have a Tablet, to keep the experience going and be able to put into practice what they learnt during the project.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

In our region there are not other projects like the one we are proposing. So we think is an innovative solution for the problem we described before.
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Centro Studi Psicologia e Nuove Tecnologie Onlus/ Psychology and New Technologies Study Centre


Non‐profit/NGO/citizen sector organization

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, TO, Torino

How long has the main implementer been operating?

1‐5 years

Please provide a short description of the main implementer.

We are a psychologists equipe, we do psychoogical assistance and guidance to people who have a psychic or psychophysical problems, aiming to enable them to access faster and more easily the services of psychological support.the assistance is also provided by using innovative instruments, such on- line consultations and online training.

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How does this cooperation partner support the initiative? Which competencies and resources does this partner bring to the initiative?
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How does this cooperation partner support the initiative? Which competencies and resources does this partner bring to the initiative?
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How does this cooperation partner support the initiative? Which competencies and resources does this partner bring to the initiative?
Problem and solution
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Personalized health management, Independent living solutions, Age friendly buildings, environments, and communities.

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Please describe if and how your stakeholders (cooperation partners, funders, users, etc.) have been participating in defining the problem and developing the solution.

We have not stakeholders.

Has your solution been tested in trials, experimentations, or pilot projects? If yes, please describe the process and outcome.

Not yet.

How long has your solution been in operation?

for 1‐5 years

Please select the relationship between your solution and related solutions currently established in our society. Is your solution…

independent (your solution is approaching a problem that has not been approached before)

What barriers might hinder the success of your initiative? How do you plan to overcome them?

It could be the little experience we have in doing projects for old people and that the association is not well known, even if it is actually doing many activities in the territory of Turin. This kind of barrier it could be an incentive to put our interest in new technologies avaible for people. We will pay attention to their psychological well- being related to the use of these new instruments.

Organization and funding
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External advisers and experts


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4 members

What are the specific professional backgrounds and competencies your team brings to the initiative?

We are all psychologists. We are interested about how to use new technologies to improve the treatment of mental desease and to do prevention to some problems connected to the use of new technologies.

Please describe your management or coordination structure in the initiative.

Our methodology consists in: everyone is going to work on its own Tablet, in order to have some moments of reflection and then debate with the group, they will watch audiovisual equipments. There will be intermediate tests to verify their new technological skills wich they learnt during the meetings. Every association member wil train the participants with the collaboration of an external psychologist.

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At the moment we have no funding for such an initiative

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Target group, scale and impact
Which target group(s) do you want to reach with your solution?

A mixed group of 40 elders aged over 70. They should be motivated to use new technologies. They could be from the district of Turin because we need to do frontal meetings.

Please estimate the number of persons within your target group (users, clients, etc.) that you currently reach directly with your solution.


In which local/regional/national area(s) is the solution currently implemented?

Torino, Piemonte, Italy

What is the impact on your target group (users, clients) you want to generate?

We want them to be able to discover the Social Network world and its communicative potentialities. We want also that they could be able to use Tablets. We want that participants can be able to do an easily Internet access and socialize through it.

What is the wider impact on society you want to generate?

A lot of old people could soffer the solitude and we want to help them to become able to use new technologies that can allow new possibilities to create relationships and also to be near to the new generations.They could feel more empowerment in their daily life.

What are the impacts on your target group you already achieved?

Actually we have not yet a target group.

How has the impact of your initiative been assessed?

External evaluation of impacts based on qualitative methods (interviews, focus groups, etc.).

Public information and strategy
What information on your initiative is publicly available?

Mission and strategy, Organisational structure, Information on team members, Activity report.

Please indicate webpage or contact for obtaining the respective information.
What are your milestones for further developing, implementing, and establishing your initiative in the next three years? Please describe 1-3 milestones.

If funding for this initiative was available:
-we would reply our project to achieve the greatest number possible of old people creating a bigger network where they could socialize.
- we would try to reduce the generational digital divide.